Nightfever (ft. Kay Maf)

by Lite N Dark

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This looks like it's going to be another night
Another Nightfever

I need you here next to me
You are another part of me
So why are you so far from me?
Cos you don't even know it yet
This is gonna be a night you won't forget
Checking you out while you're chilling with your friends
You'll be hoping this night never ends

Just go down on me
Feel your kiss surrounding me
Need your loving drowning me
Lets play some cards
You deal, oh yeah
Show your hand to me
Cos you hold the ace
You're bluffing see, oh yeah

Now we got a Nightfever
I guess I'll be yours tonight
Now we got a Nightfever
I know you're praying things will go your way
Now we got a Nightfever
I guess I'll be yours tonight
Didn't get your number
Passion taking over
I'll be yours tonight

Girl, I think i might take you home
But will I see you again?
I know you through mutual friends
You never know we could fall in love
And when we're in bed with the heavens above
Yeah, tell you're friends you're leaving
Cos I'm taking you home for the weekend

I can't seem to find a way out
I just want to feel my heart again
I can't seem to find a way out
Someone please just get me out of here

Waking up in the morning and I didn't know your name
Didn't get your number
Were you cheating? What's your game?
Not my usual thing to do
I'm feeling so ashamed
My temporary lover
I guess the alcohol's to blame
Didn't get your number
Passion taking over
Were you cheating?
Or yeah were you my temporary lover?


released June 24, 2010



all rights reserved


Lite N Dark London, UK

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